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youtube trafficWhat you have in your hand right now are Youtube Traffic Secrets that can take your business into another stratosphere.  No joke!  99% of your video marketing efforts should be focused on YouTube, especially if you’re just starting out and you don’t have much of a budget to speck of.

In case you’re wondering why you should use YouTube for traffic generation, it’s only the 2nd most popular search engine in the world, second to only “the Big G” Google, which by the way owns YouTube and they love to send your videos free traffic.

Video marketing is the wave of the future and by future I mean present and beyond.  I could give a ton of stats on it, but  just take my word on it. ;-)   You don’t need any expensive video or editing equipment to get started.  All you need to do is take action and START!

Go on over to and create your account for starters.

So how do you get Youtube traffic?

Well, first let me tell you what the objective is.

Your main objective with video marketing is NOT to just get video views.

Your main objective is to get viewers to take action!  You want to:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Build your list
  • Build your brand
  • Sell your products or services

That’s exactly what this FREE video training series is all about.

So here are 4 ways for you to meet your objective in getting free Youtube traffic.  They are in no specific order.

Youtube Traffic Secret 1 – Keywords in Title

  • Because only the first 55 or 60 characters are seen in the YouTube search results, make sure to front-end load the title with your primary keyword phrase and your “call to action” or points of interest.
  • Write it like a Headline so it encourages searchers to click it (so they watch the video).  Use this analyzer to help you gauge if your headlines are winners or duds.
  • Use your primary and secondary keyword phrases.  YouTube themselves say it’s better to use as many keywords as possible in the Title to increase your videos’ chances of being found.

Youtube Traffic Secret 2 – Keywords In The Description

  • According to YouTube… “The more words you include in your description, the higher your chances of being discovered by searchers”.  That means you should write really long descriptions and try to incorporate every single primary, secondary and related keyword phrase that you can.

Youtube Traffic Secret 3 – Keywords In The Tags

  • Use as many relevant keywords as you can fit in as tags (including your primary and secondary keyword phrases)
  • Use quotation marks ” ” around your most important multi-word keyword phrases that you wish to rank high for.

Youtube Traffic Secret 4 – Incoming Links

  • Without a doubt incoming links are the most powerful way to make sure you rank for any one particular keyword phrase, especially for Google.
  • So if you want your video to rank high for the phrase “Banana Pancake Recipe” you need to run an incoming links campaign that points to your video watch page on YouTube that uses the phrase “Banana Pancake Recipe” in the anchor text.
  • Use a combination of traditional incoming links like articles, blog posts, forum commenting, etc. PLUS use Social Media incoming links as well.

Now, these are just a few Youtube traffic getting secrets for ‘ya.  If you just start implementing these, you’re way ahead of the game.

Full Youtube Traffic Checklist

But if you really want to knock it out of the park CLICK HERE to get the full 15 Point checklist on how to get Youtube traffic PLUS a free training video.

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