MLSP – A Raw Uncensored Review From An Insider's Perspective

mlspIf you’re a network marketer, affiliate marketer, in direct sales or done anything online in the past couple of years, then surely you’ve heard of MLSP.  You may know it by My Lead System Pro or MLM Lead System Pro as well.

Ever wonder what all the hype is about or if it’s actually worth your time?  Well, you’re about to find out in this very raw and uncensored review.  I will tell you everything you need to know about My Lead System Pro, what it is, what it isn’t and if, in fact, it could work for you in your mlm home based business.

And who better to learn from than someone who is on the inside and behind the scenes.   I will not try to persuade you anyway.  I will merely report the facts, my experience and results, and let you be the judge.  Sound fair?  Great, let’s go…

MLSP or My Lead System Pro burst on the scenes in 2008 as the brainchild of very successful internet and network marketers, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer.  These guys wanted to create a system for the average marketer who was tired of losing money and busting their hump only to get no results.

Their mission was to create an entry point for the serious entrepreneur to break through the barriers that keep 97% of marketers unsuccessful and unfulfilled.  The tenets of MLSP are based in leveraging the principles of attraction marketing, which were founded by Mike Dillard.

Over the last couple of years, members of MLSP have generated close to one million leads of their own and the company has paid back over $1.8 million dollars in affiliate commissions to its members.

Why I Joined MLSP

Like most of you reading this post right now, I was searching the internet for a better way.  I knew one existed, but didn’t know what it was.  What I did know was that handing out fliers, going to weekly meetings hearing the same ra-ra-ra presentation, begging and chasing family and friends to join the business or host a party for me, was getting old really quick.

I was paying for auto-ship month in an month out, buying business brochures, cards, etc. and making no money.  Sure, my first check was $750 and it declined every month thereafter.  By the time I left that company my checks had dropped to a whopping $3.03.  Did you know the average network marketer makes less than $10 a week? So I was right on par.

But here’s the thing…

I still believed in the industry and business model of network marketing,  so I took to the world wide web.  I met a mentor who recommended Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.  Man, let me tell you.  I had bells ringing in my head.  “I knew it, I kept saying, I knew it.”  I knew that there was something more to this.  I felt like a piece of the puzzle had been filled in.

So, more internet surfing and somehow I ended up on a page for MLSP.  That was the final piece that brought it altogether for me.  If Magnetic Sponsoring is the vehicle, then MLSP would be the wheels that put in in motion.

What’s The Catch, you’re wondering?

Ok you got me.   So let me tell you what MLSP Is Not. Make no mistake about it,  MLSP is not a magic pill.  It’s not a magic potion.  It won’t make you rich overnight or skyrocket you to the top of your business in 30 days.  In fact, if you continue to search the internet for something like that, years will pass you by and you will find yourself in the same spot you are now, only much more BROKE from wasting money on magic jumping beans.

You may have some scratch your head moments when setting up your system with MLSP.  I sure did.  But the process has since been revamped to help make it more smoother since I began.  Plus, you can always have them set it up for you, for a fee of course.  I advise you to do it yourself.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to stick with things until you figure them out.  Give yourself time to develop.  You’ll also have access to your team leader to help you as well.

Now here’s what MLSP will do for you:  (And this is a very short, non-exclusive list)

  • It will make you a better leader because if you don’t know this yet, PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE, AND NOT COMPANIES. If I gave you free leads all day long, but you didn’t see or express yourself as a leader, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.  I guarantee you that you wouldn’t sponsor anyone.
  • It gives you value to offer others, again a trait of a leader.  That value is in the form of free marketing training, which is one if not the main reason marketers fail.  They simply have no marketing skills and neither does their upline, beyond telling them to call their family & friends.
  • They provide websites and custom capture pages that brand you.  (Hint: If you’re using your company’s replicated website, you’re totally missing it.  What separates you from the thousands of distributors using the same site?)
  • They provide professionally written auto-responder messages that will continue to stay in contact with the list you’re building.
  • You’ll get over 100+ hrs of recorded video & audio training from 7-figure earners, which alone is worth its weight in gold.
  • You can listen to daily inspirational wake-up calls to help you stay motivated and keep your motor running.
  • You also become a part of a community of dedicated, ambitious marketers to connect, network & partner with.  I’ve never met a nicer group of marketers all willing to give you their secrets and help you succeed.

What Have Been My Results With MLSP?

MLSP has totally changed not only my business, but more importantly, it’s changed me.  It’s changed the way I think and is responsible for turning me into the leader I now am.  But I know you don’t want to hear that, do you?

So here’s the deal.

I generate leads on a daily basis.  Not a day does by, that I’m not generating leads from the marketing strategies taught inside of MLSP.  I get people calling me, asking what business I’m in.  I’m earning affiliate commissions and I’m not doing a thing extra because it’s all built into the system for me.

Now, I’m not generating the most leads in the system, but I know I’m about 63 days out from generating a minimum of 30-40 leads a day from just one marketing technique.  The average marketer does not know how to generate 1 lead for their business.


I was recently on the MLSP leader boards for the most sign-ups in the system as well.  All within one year’s time of joining MLSP.

Now to be fair, it won’t take you that long and honestly only took me that long because I didn’t have the proper mindset to begin with and I let fear paralyze me and keep me stagnant for quite a while.

Is MLSP Worth Your Time?

Only you can answer that question.  But I’ve made a chart to help you make the best decision for yourself.  Ask yourself the following?


There you have it.  You should be well-equipped to make the decision on whether or not MLSP is for you.  But if for some reason, you’re still on the fence, here’s what you should do and please don’t tell anyone about this.

To test the system is a measly $9.97, but you’ll get $1,820 in bonuses.  They are yours to keep whether you stay on or not.  So join the system, download your FREE BONUSES and try it out.

mlsp review


Shhh…keep this between you and I.  I don’t want the guys over at MLSP to find out.

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About The Author: Fontella Williams

Fontella Williams has been an online network and internet marketer for nearly 4 years. She has experienced the failures, lows and struggles of entrepreneurship, yet has come out on TOP. Her main objective is to help educate and empower home based business owners, so that they can AVOID the pitfalls and traps of this industry set by the "GURUS". She is on a a mission to change lives and help create financial freedom for those who are HUNGRY enough to pursue it. If that is you, CLICK HERE to work directly with her.

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  1. Dev
    4 years ago

    Hi Fontella,

    Just found your blog via Blokube.

    A very well written article and great comparison. It looks like another great MLM course. Will going to check that out.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    Hey Dev,
    Thanks for dropping by and don’t be a stranger :-)

  2. Mike Sherratt
    4 years ago

    Hey Fontella, Great post about this amazing system we have in our hands this system rocks doesn’t it :)

    I would like to ask you a big favour as I am looking for real leaders to share value in my tribe on facebook you have posted in there before the link is below you don’t have to post there if you do not wish but I would like you too.

    Looking forward to sharing tips and tricks with you aswell so we can both stay on the leaderboard ;)

    Mike Sherratt´s last [type] ..Interested In Investing In Silver

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    Hey Mike,
    Thanks so much I appreciate it. I will definitely take note of your Facebook tribe, the next time I post.

  3. Terry Tiessen
    4 years ago

    Hi Fontella,

    Congrats on your success with this system. I see you up there on the leaderboard with a lot of really great marketers like Ray, David, Adam, Deagan and others. Way to go! Care to share what that 1 marketing technique is?
    Terry Tiessen´s last [type] ..Internet Marketing For Network Marketing Action Plan

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Terry Tiessen, It’s top secret… Just kidding. It’s article marketing, but I do it a little differently. You can find the Free training for it here on my blog.

  4. Al
    4 years ago

    Hey, great post. Just want to let you know it was a good and informative read. The system is really good. I especially like what you said about not just building a company but building yourself. Lol I have been trying to share that same thought with others. We need to increase our skill set as entrepreneurs not simply build our primary company. Its about becoming marketing professionals.

    Take care,

    -Proverbs 10:9

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    Thanks Al. You’re dead on my friend. We should be building a business, not merely a downline.

  5. Sharon Minor
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much, Fontella, for the MLSP article above and for your presentations on MLSP’s 100 Day Biz Builders Challenges, both of them. I joined MLSP in May 2011 during the second challenge and feel your assessment above is right on. I am buying your “Real Article Marketing Domination” course as I know the SEO info you mentioned this evening are golden keys to unlocking success in network marketing. You are a grounded and inspiring leader in our industry. Congrats on your MLSP leader board status and your L3!
    Sharon Minor´s last [type] ..How to Craft Copy That’s A Must Read for Prospects

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Sharon Minor, Thanks so much Sharon And congrats on taking action with the course and with the 100 day challenges. Success is yours.

  6. Tyronne Ratcliff
    3 years ago

    I generated my first leads online with this system, I’m definitely a believer, brilliant post Fontella.
    Tyronne Ratcliff´s last [type] ..SEO Networker 3.0

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Tyronne Ratcliff, Same here Tyronne.

Fontella Williams