A Simple Lead Generation Process That Actually Works

lead generation process

Did you know the lead generation process is quite simple?  Most times people come into this business and over complicate everything.  The fact of the matter is if you have a blueprint and follow it, then your mlm success is guaranteed.

You need leads, right?  Of course you do.  You’ve found out that if you don’t have leads, you don’t have a business.  Lead poverty is a frustrating place to be in and if you stay in that place, you will end up broke!

There are only two ways to make money in network marketing and that is by sponsoring and selling product.  Well, how are you gonna do that without any leads?

So let’s talk about what a lead is, who is the best kind of lead, where they are and how to get them to find you.  That’s right.  They will find you.  You don’t have to beg, bug or chase them.

Lead Generation Process- What Is A Lead?

Not all leads are created equal.  There are good leads and bad leads.  A lead is someone that’s shown interest in your products or services, most likely by opting into your website or blog.

lead generation processNow, that’s just the beginning of the lead generation process.  There’s a difference between a lead and a qualified lead.  A lead may opt-in, but they also may enter the wrong email address just to see what’s on the other side.  Or they may enter the wrong telephone number.  Some even enter phony names.

That’s not a qualified lead.  They are curious, but not serious.

So realize that you don’t merely want leads, you want highly qualified leads.  A qualified lead will opt-in with the correct information including their phone number.  This person is saying I’m interested in what you have to offer and I would like to speak with you as well.

Don’t concern yourself at all with bad leads.  They aren’t serious about their business and you don’t want to work with people like this anyway.  Sifting and sorting is a big part of a good lead generation process.

Lead Generation Process – Who Makes For The Best Lead?

If you’re in network marketing, I’d bet my right arm that when you joined your company, your upline told you to make a list of your family and friends.  That’s the extent of their lead generation process.

What happened when you approached your friends and family?  Exactly!

Now I’m not saying don’t approach your warm market.  Indeed you should when you have the right training and know the proper way to do it.

However, when you exhaust your warm market, what’s next?

Many of you have figured out that in the Business of the 21st Century, you MUST step into the 21st Century and get online.

Your best lead is exactly where you are right now — ONLINE.

Your best leads are other network marketers!  “What?!?  That can’t be right!  Aren’t they in another company already?”  Most likely, yes.  “Then why, I mean, how are they my best lead?”

Here’s why….

They are already online.  And guess what they’re searching for.  A pitch to join your business?  NO!  They’re searching for solutions.

They are a part of the 97% who are struggling every single day and they are online searching for solutions.  They want to know the lead generation process you’re learning now as well as how to generate leads online using Facebook.

They want to learn article marketing or Facebook PPC.  They want to know the best sponsoring secrets to influence prospects.

So what do you do about that?  Great question grasshopper…

Lead Generation Process – How To Get Them To Come To You

You can get these hungry searching leads to come to you.  How?  You provide solutions.  That’s the key to this lead generation process.  You give the answers to the questions they’re asking.

MLSP (My Lead System Pro), the lead generation system I use allows me to be the solution to that 97% of network marketers.

But that’s just part of the story…

Whether those leads join my primary business or not, I still GET PAID! They are literally paying me every month to be on my list and no longer merely be a lead, but a qualified prospect.

And if that wasn’t enough…

I have just greatly increased the likelihood of them joining me in my primary business because I’ve shown myself as a solution provider with answers their sponsor DID NOT have.  I’ve also nurtured our relationship via the phone and emails (provided by MLSP).

So when they get tired of failing in their company, who are they gonna call?  When their company abruptly shuts down or changes their comp plan, who are they gonna call?

When they get tired of being ignored by their sponsor, who are they gonna call?

lead generation processIt ain’t Ghostbusters, that’s for sure!

So by plugging into this online attraction marketing system, you become a solution provider, earn money from people who may initially say “No” to your business and increase your sponsoring chances.

With the cutting edge marketing techniques you’ll learn, you’ll be able to generate leads on demand and promote your business the right way.

It’s time for you to stop searching and struggling because the answer is right in front of you.  How quickly do you want to put your business on the right track?

I told you the lead generation process was simple…

lead generation system

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About The Author: Fontella Williams

Fontella Williams has been an online network and internet marketer for nearly 4 years. She has experienced the failures, lows and struggles of entrepreneurship, yet has come out on TOP. Her main objective is to help educate and empower home based business owners, so that they can AVOID the pitfalls and traps of this industry set by the "GURUS". She is on a a mission to change lives and help create financial freedom for those who are HUNGRY enough to pursue it. If that is you, CLICK HERE to work directly with her.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph
    3 years ago

    Hi Fontella,

    LOL on the Ghostbusters line, one of my all time faves ;)

    Super points you make here. MLSP is a powerful system for leveraging your time. Scores of network marketing leaders use it and prosper from it.

    Point taken on the whack leads. People using fake names, numbers or email address are more fearful of starting a network marketing business than full of faith that they will succeed. Not a leader, and not the type of person we want to work with. Ditch ‘em.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

    Ryan Biddulph´s last [type] ..2 Reasons Why Cash Gifting Programs Are Low Stress Wealth Generation Systems

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Ryan Biddulph, Great points Ryan. Thanks for sharing. I thought that Ghostbusters line was pretty funny myself.

  2. Tyronne Ratcliff
    3 years ago

    What I like about MLSP is the only task you’re really left with is driving traffic, pretty much every thing else is taken care of. Awesome post by the way!
    Tyronne Ratcliff´s last [type] ..Looking At MLM Companies? A Couple Things To Consider When Picking The Right Business

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Tyronne Ratcliff, Exactly Tyrone, what more could you ask for? It amazes thought the people who sign up and quit in a matter of days. Some like it hard, I guess…

  3. Peter Fuller MBA
    3 years ago

    Hey Fontella

    Quality verses Quantity

    I would rather have five highly targeted leads than hundreds of non-targeted ones.

    And yet people still spend too much time on generating non-targeted leads.

    Excellent post Fontella

    Peter Fuller MBA´s last [type] ..The Cash Flow Mindset

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Peter Fuller MBA, Peter, you’re absolutely right. Quality over quantity anyday. Non-qualified leads will only waste your time and frustrate you.

  4. Sherman Smith
    3 years ago

    Hey Fontella,

    When it comes to our industry attracting leads is a must! Not just any lead but quality leads that are serious about being successful. I found that MLSP is a great solution for that. Its all about finding a solution and making it a win/win!

    Sherman Smith´s last [type] ..What Are You Focused On?

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Sherman Smith, Exactly Sherman, it is definitely a win-win.