Who’s Really Behind The Send Out Cards Scam?

Send Out Cards scam

You gotta be wondering if there’s a Send Out Cards scam or not?  Why else would you be here?  Perhaps you’ve joined the company or are thinking about it, but you just want to be completely sure.

This post will give you the facts and not the fluff on Send Out Cards, but go a step further than that.  I’ll share the “secrets” that you won’t here from your upline, that will help you not only choose the best mlm home based business, but succeed in it as well.

send out cards scam

Send Out Cards Scam – The Product

Is the product the issue with the “Send Out Cards scam“?  Send Out Cards of course markets and promotes electronic greeting cards. This service appeals to many people because of the convenience.   It especially is attractive for small business owners who want to build or improve upon customer relations.

A great feature is that everything is internet based.  Technology is constantly evolving and more and more services are moving online.   Millions of people use the computer everyday to shop, pay bills, communicate via instant messenger and skype.  Why not to send holiday or greeting cards?

So sending cards via the internet can’t be a scam, can it?  Of course not.   That’s not where the claims of a Send Out Card scam are coming from.

Where The Send Out Cards Scam Came From

Any internet search for an mlm company scam will bring you several results of people claiming it to be so. The case is no different with the proposed Send Out Cards scam.  You’ve probably seen some of those sites. But let me give you the facts.

First of all if you want to know if a company is a scam, you could easily check with the FTC and/or Better Business Bureau to find that information.  These two organizations track scams and complaints.  So do your due diligence there.

But Send Out Cards scam allegations come from 2 places: 1) People who hate multi-level marketing and declare that the entire industry is a pyramid or ponzi scam and 2.) People who failed to make money with Send Out Cards.

You’ll often find people who slam network marketing, however, what’s interesting is that most have never been in network marketing.  They also obviously aren’t aware or simply don’t care to acknowledge that the Federal Courts discounted that argument more than 4 decades ago.  Maybe they are aware, but don’t care.  They feel that if people don’t make money in a company, then that company is a scam, as do former SOC reps.

Why The Send Out Card Comp Plan Has People Screaming Scam

send out cards scamOk here’s why the comp plan have people wrongly suggesting a Send Out cards scam.

The SOC comp plan features eight ways to get paid.  You can simplify it really by saying two ways.  You’ll be paid weekly bonuses for sponsoring reps and adding customers, as well as, residual monthly income on volume of your team’s effort.  This however, is based on your rank with the company.

This should be stressed when you are presented with the SOC opportunity, but I’m not sure if it is. The more reps you sponsor, naturally the more money you make. To go from the position of Distributor to the next level, Manager (which is where you begin to qualify for more bonuses and commission), you’ll need to have a team of 12, three of which were personally enrolled by you.

The problem is that this is not an easy feat for the average marketer.   Most people will be new to mlm and lack the skills that it takes to prospect and recruit people.  By no means is sponsoring 12 people impossible or even difficult, but without the right marketing skills, it’s mission impossible.

This is why so many cry foul and claim a Send Out Cards scam.  The comp plan is lucrative, but if you’re not prepared to go to work and learn proper network marketing skills to build your business, you will fail.   That is not a scam. It’s just a cold hard fact.

Send Out Cards Scam – The Truth

NO, there is no Send Out Cards scam, however, your fate with Send Out Cards depends on your ability to generate leads and recruit.  Many newbies have a particularly rough time getting their business off the ground, only because they’re counting on their warm market only.

You really need at least 10 hot targeted leads everyday, if you’re going to have success in Send Out Cards or any mlm company.  By using a simple marketing system and online lead generation strategies, you can generate more leads than you’ll have time for, turn them into “hot” prospects and effortlessly make money from them even if they turn down your business opportunity.

send out cards scam

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