Organo Gold – Is This A Legitimate Home Based Business?

Organo Gold

Organo Gold maybe both a coffee lover’s dream and a great way to make money at the same time.  The company was founded in 2008 Bernardo Chua with a new concept for an old-time favorite beverage, coffee.

The flagship coffee products contain something called Ganoderma, an ancient herb derived from mushrooms said to have healing and health benefits.

Oragno Gold’s mission is to bring the claimed health benefits of these mushrooms to the world by combining them with commonly-consumed coffee, tea, and chocolate drinks.

Is Organo Gold’s Product Line Viable?

You must determine if the product line of Organo Gold will be attractive enough to the masses when considering this home business opportunity.

Did you have a cup of coffee this morning?  Most likely, the answer is yes.

Organo GoldIn fact, coffee is the second largest consumed beverage in the world, second ONLY to water.  People drink coffee all day every day in all parts of the world.

Couple that with the fact that a lot of Americans are becoming more health conscious.  So turning everyone’s favorite morning pick me-up into a healthier beverage seems to hold substantial promise.

Who’s Behind Organo Gold?

One of the key components to choosing an mlm company is its leadership.  Bernardo Chua, or “Bernie” as he’s called is the company’s founder and CEO.  He is highly regarded among his peers and considered a legend in the direct sales industry.

He built a 500,000 member direct sales organization in the Philippines and is a 5 time winner of the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award.

Organo Gold has built an impressive leadership team, which is a cornerstone of success in this industry.

Can You Really Make Money With Coffee and Tea?

Organo Gold offers a fair and generous compensation plan with seven different ways for you to get paid.  Probably most attractive to you and your team will be the retail bonus, fast start bonus and dual team commissions.

In addition to that they offer unilevel commissions through nine levels, a matching bonus, generational bonus and global pool bonus.

So, the opportunity to earn big money is certainly available to you, however, without the proper marketing system in place, it matters not.  Far too many fail in mlm because they believe their product is great and will sell itself.  That is a HUGE mistake.

Understand that you MUST have marketing skills to be successful in this industry!

Where Organo Gold Falls Short

Yes, Organo Gold is a solid company with great leadership, viable product line, and lucrative compensation plan, but it falls way short in teaching its reps how to build the business.

Organo Gold reps are given a replicated website and encouraged to share it with friends and family.

This is as effective as pestering strangers in grocery stores, putting flyers on cars or standing on a street corner asking people to join your business.  If you’d tried any of those methods, you know they are futile.

You also know that just your warm market alone, will not bring in the big bucks.  Most of your warm market will not join you in the business anyway.

A more effective method of sharing your Organo Gold business is using an online lead generation system with the site for ultimate success and leverage.

You need to be able to attract floods of highly targeted leads to you everyday and Organo Gold doesn’t teach this.

A lead generation system that allows you to generate at least 10 – 15 high quality Organo Gold leads per day you can position yourself to make significant income with this company.

To access the system that will show you how to drastically increase your bank account, click below.  This is the same system the top network marketers are using.

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About The Author: Fontella Williams

Fontella Williams has been an online network and internet marketer for nearly 4 years. She has experienced the failures, lows and struggles of entrepreneurship, yet has come out on TOP. Her main objective is to help educate and empower home based business owners, so that they can AVOID the pitfalls and traps of this industry set by the "GURUS". She is on a a mission to change lives and help create financial freedom for those who are HUNGRY enough to pursue it. If that is you, CLICK HERE to work directly with her.

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  1. Sounds like a great company; and their coffee tastes great :)

    I’ve been approached by one of their sales reps, and yes, it’s coffee – and “healthy coffee” – so I gave it a try. The coffee indeed tastes great, I’m unsure if it’s healthy or not.

    After chatting with the rep, it was obvious that he had no proper lead-generation or sales training. He handed me over a DVD and said that’ll explain all… I’d say, invest in at least minimal lead-generation and sales training and I think this business could be great. After all, it’s COFFEE :)

  2. Daniel Saunders
    3 years ago

    Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, behind only oil. This is a market that is well-established, and thus easy to capitalize on. Moreover, the health benefits of Ganoderma are becoming more well-known, meaning that Organo Gold is an industry with millions of dollars of potential.
    Daniel Saunders´s last [type] ..Network Marketing Organo Gold

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Daniel Saunders, Yes that may all be true, however no matter how great a product maybe, you MUST know how to market it and generate leads. Too many marketers miss this and it costs them dearly in time and money.

  3. Annetta Powell
    3 years ago

    Hi Fontella,

    You have given a honest and detailed review about Organo Gold. I do agree with you on your observation about the lack of marketing materials provided by the company. The success and the business growth of the company entirely depends on the individual, unless he/she is lucky to have a sponsor who can provide all the materials for the newbies.

    I honestly believe that, this aspect of the company not having a set marketing tool will give opportunity to bring out the best from every individual. I have been with several network marketing product and most of them would give you a tool. All you have to do is just duplicate and be a copy cat.

    But in the case of Organo Gold, it is entirely different. You pick your own marketing tools, test it, experiment it and use the best methods you find effective. Train your team, share your ideas with the team and then grow with the team. This is what I found most amazing about Organo Gold.
    Annetta Powell´s last [type] ..Organo Gold Compensation Plan – Your Coffee Business Profits Explained

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Annetta Powell, Thanks Annetta for leaving such an insightful comment. I agree at the end of the day, it’s about the individual effort one brings to the table.

    However, when working with newbies or people that have not had any success in the industry, I think it’s most important that they have a blueprint to follow for success, whether that comes from their sponsor, the company or both.

    If they don’t have the luck of teaming up with an awesome leader like you, then they are going to fail unless they find a 3rd party system that teaches them how to market properly.