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How Do You Get MyVideoTalk To Work For You?

Are you thinking of joining My Video Talk?  Well, don’t before you read this post.  While most people are wanting to know things like if the company is a scam, which by the way, it’s not; they overlook the most important aspect — how do you actually succeed after you join?

It’s true that 97% of marketers fail, so what do you do to ensure that you’re not one of them?  We’ll get to that in a bit.  But first, a little background on MyVideo Talk.

Team Effort International, LLC is the organization that launched My Video Talk in 2002 with the guidance of Amie and Mel Gill – who were both successful network marketers with more than twenty years of experience.  Presently, the company is operating internationally with locations in Europe, North America, South East Asia, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.  They are privately-held and debt-free.

Since My Video Talk has been in existence for nine years, it has shown to be a well-established, sound company.  Most mlm company start-ups go kaput within just 2 years.

My Video Talk Products

Did you know that the latest data reveals that there are over two billion internet users worldwide? ( My Video Talk offers one of the most innovative video products on the market right now.  These internet-based products consist of:  My Video Designer, My Video Broadcaster, My Video Web Show, and My Video Channel.  As the name indicates, the products offered by the company focus on video production and internet video marketing.  These are state of the art and top of the line products that allow you to hook up with potential customers all over the world.

Moreover, you’re guaranteed that you only get the best service from them.  Not only is utilizing video a great marketing tool, it’s also an excellent method to brand yourself and build an online presence.

Look at the top mlm leaders inside your company.  Do they have an online presence?  Surely, they do.

How To Earn Money With My Video Talk

So how do you get paid in My Video Talk?  The organization has a unique compensation program called a dual core binary plan.  It delivers 10 excellent ways to earn money.  This unique hybrid plan includes fast start bonuses, retail and weekly team commissions, team builder bonuses,monthly binary matrix, executive leadership matrix bonus, leadership rewards, global rewards check match bonuses,sales office plan, and the President’s weekly club.

Additionally, where most companies pay monthly, My Video Talk pays every week!

To achieve huge success with My Video Talk, you have to have a marketing program in place.  With the business operating around the globe, you must be able to reach the masses.  My Lead System Pro is the leader in online marketing training.  My Lead System Pro (MLSP) will help you to leverage the web to produce an endless amount of leads.

To be effective with My Video Talk you must join a network of online marketers who can show you the way to generate qualified leads, effectively market online, and incorporate a sales funnel for your My Video Talk business.

Why a sales funnel?  Because a sales funnel allows you to earn money on the front-end from people who don’t sign up for your My Video Talk business.  Statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 people you present your opportunity to will say no.  Well, what if you had a way to still generate a residual income from those people?

Regrettably, most people that enroll in My Video Talk will be unsuccessful due to the fact they don’t understand the importance of a sales funnel, lack proper mlm coaching and as a result can’t generate leads for their home business.  Eventually, they wind up out of business. Do not allow this to happen to you.


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