Melaleuca Scam – Should You Be Worried

melaleuca scam

You’re here because you’ve heard the internet tales of the Melaleuca scam and you want third party neutral information to determine if it’s true or not.  Perhaps you’re looking to join the organization or just would like to try the products.

Either way, you’re in the right place.  You should know that I am in no way affiliated with Melaleuca, so rest assured that you’re getting an unbiased perspective.

The Melaleuca Scam – Cause For Concern?

Let’s cover some facts on Melaleuca, shall we?

They have been in business for over 2 decades and make over $900 Million dollars in yearly sales.  A quick check with the Better Business Bureau reveals that Melaleuca has held a A+ rating for quite awhile.  The BBB even awarded them for their customer service, and they’re not the only ones.

Melaleuca has received many honors and rewards throughout the years from various organizations and was even inducted into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame.  This is no small feat.

Melaleuca is a wellness company that sales and promotes a vast variety of certified organic and kosher goods.  You can find everything from cosmetics to household cleaning products, toothpaste, soap and beyond.  So, with such an impressive track record and numerous accolades, what makes people think there’s a Melaleuca scam going on?

The Melaleuca Scam – The Products

The Melaleuca scam claims online are coming from two groups of people:  former customers and company execs.

It seems former Melaleuca customers believe the products are overpriced and/or had bad customer service experiences when trying to cancel orders or return products.  Does that make the entire company a scam?  I think not.

Melaleuca has a direct order website, catalog and phone line to order from, so anyone can see the amounts you’re spending before you spend.  It’s up to the customer to not only know what they’re paying, but also to be aware of a company’s refund policy.

As for the prices, unfortunately that is a common issue with most nutritional mlm companies; something else you must examine when choosing a network marketing company.

Melaleuca is not only a company name, but it’s actually a plant oil known as melaleuca  oil or tea tree oil.  This substance is well-known for it’s multi-purpose powerful effects in cleaning products, shampoos, even treating acne.  Point being, it’s possible to get the company’s staple ingredient at a much lesser cost from any grocery store or online outlet.  Still that doesn’t give cause for Melaleuca scam allegations.

Having said that, for every one dissatisfied Melaleuca customer, there are 10 very happy customers who love the products and swear that they are much cheaper than grocery stores.

Melaleuca Scam = The Scorn Execs

Believe it or not, ex-reps are also behind Melaleuca scam complaints.  In addition to just being a customer of Melaleuca, you can also become a distributor of the product; for Melaleuca is a mlm company, though they prefer the term direct selling company.

I’m always baffled by companies who wish to distance themselves from the term “mlm”.  The fact is if you have to sponsor people to generate an income and there is more than one level in your organization to be compensated, you are in fact using a multi level marketing model.

A distributor must first pay a nominal fee to become a Preferred Customer.  There is a minimum monthly purchase to remain an active exec, which is common in mlm, you’ll receive discounts from your monthly purchases and also qualify to receive commissions from customers you refer and distributors you sponsor.

So why do former Melaleuca distributors say there’s a Melaleuca scam?

Frankly, it’s because they failed and it wasn’t entirely their fault.  The problem is that Melaleuca still teaches outdated marketing by informing their new reps to approach family & friends and do household product demonstrations.

That may get you a couple of orders, but it will never generate the type of income needed for true financial independence.

That’s not a Melaleuca scam!  To be successful in your Melaleuca business, you need to learn how to generate your own leads.  Leads are the lifeline to any home based business.  You’ll also need to know how to brand yourself apart from the company and the thousands of other Melaleuca reps.

Finally, you’ll need proper network marketing training.  That’s where Melaleuca falls short.  You must stay on the cutting edge of online lead generation techniques and mlm training.

By the time a new rep realizes that they’re paying monthly autoship, stacking up products and not making any money in return, they feel frustrated and deceived and refer to the entire company as a scam.

Well, there is no Melaleuca scam.  Melaleuca is as solid a company as they come.  However, I’d bet my right arm that your upline does not have a proven blueprint for your success and you will run out of your warm market sooner or later.

Don’t wait until then….

If you want the proven blueprint that I use to generate 15-29 FREE leads a day, sponsor at will and make money even from people who say “NO” to my primary business, watch this powerful video.  I’m flat out giving it to you.

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  1. Michael Harrington
    4 years ago

    Hello, Melaleuca looks like a great business to be involved with. Great review. What is the upline support like?

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Michael Harrington, Hey Michael, I actually wouldn’t know. I’m not affiliated with Melaleuca.