Market America Review: What You Really Ought To Know

market america review

Searching for a Market America review you can trust?  Well, you’ve landed in the right place then.

Market America has been around for two decades now and is still growing and getting stronger.

With expansions to different countries in the world, Market America, an Internet marketing and product brokerage company has surely made a mark on the business world.

With this review, you’ll get a view of how the Market America business works, the methods they use, their success in the different markets, and if it would be a good investment to join such an enterprise.

Make sure you read this Market America review to the end to find out how you can be one of the few to actually have success in this company.

Market America Review:  What is Market America & Market America Products

In 1992, JR Ridinger and his wife, Loren, founded Market America, a product brokerage and Internet marketing company, which incorporates a one-to-one marketing strategy.  It sells a wide range of products and services, including electronics, commercial websites, apparel, household supplies, and the list goes on.  They’ve also produced their own line of nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

Market America calls its registered customers “Preferred Customers” and there are around three million as of 2011.  It has 180,000 distributors worldwide.  Business operations expanded internationally to Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and just recently, the United Kingdom.

Market America Review : The Business Model

With the aim of retailing its products and services through the Internet, it operates on a business model called the UnFranchise Business Development System.  UnFranchise because a distributor has all the benefits of a franchise without having to pay a franchise fee.  In this system, individuals and business entities can register as distributors called UFOs (UnFranchise Business Owners).

The UFOs then have to keep on referring new members sort of making a network of customers.  Although the company is not a multi-level marketing enterprise, it still works on the principles of MLM.

UFOs become the independent entrepreneurs of Market America’s products and services each having an individual web portal which lets them access the 35 million products and services of ma and its partner stores.  A UFO earns from profits he or she gets from his or her sales.

Customers also get paid to shop through its Cashback program wherein a certain percentage of the product price is given back to them.  They could also earn a specified amount of incentive through future sales of their referred customers.

market america review

Market America Review of the Compensation Plan

Market America’s compensation plan is called the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP) designed by its founder with the idea that this plan would be convenient for every customer whatever their circumstances would be.  Under this plan, the customers profit from retail sales and by managing Business Development Centers, done by sponsoring two distributors.

As it follows a Binary plan, one can earn commissions weekly based on sales of the weaker side.  Market America customers can earn weekly once they already have generated the $3,600 maximum limit for each BDC.

Distributors can create as many BDCs as they can so there is no limit to the income they can get.  Customers also enjoy a 35% cash back for purchases made in Market America’s portal, and they can get a 0.5% more cash back from purchases made by their downlines.

MCPC is claimed by Market America to be the best in the industry.  But it still depends on your dedication to market the business and your ability to get more people into your downline.

Marketing America? – You Decide

With all this in mind, I hope that in this Market America review you get a good grasp of what the company’s deal is in the real market.  It is now up to you to decide if you are into this deal or not.  Market America aims to become the best in the trade by the power of the people behind it.  Do you want to be one with them?

If you decide, yes, there are a couple things you need to know:

1) You are in the marketing business, NOT the Market America business.  What that means is it doesn’t matter how great you think your company or opportunity is, you need to have a system in placed to market that company and generate leads.

2) If you aren’t generating leads on a consistent basis, you will not be very successful in Market America or any company.

Want to Generate More Leads For Your Market America Business?

Your takeaway in this Market America review is this:  Success in your business is totally dependent on your ability to brand yourself online and generate mlm leads all on auto-pilot, so learn to build your mlm business empire by becoming a master of online lead generation.

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