The Actual Hard Core Reality To The Lightyear Wireless Scam

Lightyear Wireless Scam
lightyear wirelss scam

Is The Lightyear Wireless Scam Real?

Searching for facts about the Lightyear Wireless scam?  Then you are in the right place.

You’re looking for this kind of subject either because you’ve been shown this business opportunity recently or perhaps you are already part of this business and want to be sure you made a sound choice.

For starters, I’m not associated with Lightyear Wireless by any means, thus feel comfortable knowing that the info here will be unbiased and reputable.  This post gives you ample data to make an informed decision.

Just Who Says There’s A Lightyear Wireless Scam?

Typically, Lightyear Wireless scam grievances derive from a couple of places: 1) Former reps which were unsuccessful and 2) People who oppose mlm altogether.  Quite a few people fear the network marketing model of compensation because it is quite different from a conventional company, so they name it and Lightyear itself a rip-off.

The simple truth is, it’s just as much a sound business as other more standard ones, like AT&T & Verizon.  The distinction is that you simply do business from home promoting products, while getting paid from the referrals vs. going to a job in a business office.

The subsidiary of their parent company Lightyear Network Solutions, that was founded in 1993, Lightyear Wireless unveiled in 2008 and offers several telecommunications services to the average consumer.  Its two-fold objective is to give a means for the reps and consumers to generate wealth, and to provide consumers more alternatives with regards to certain telecommunications products and services.

Individuals who name network marketing a scam are merely uninformed.  This claim had been shot down by the Federal Courts around forty years ago when the first mlm company Amway was sued.  The courts decided that mlm was actually a lawful and viable model of business, nevertheless a lot of people still will not admit this and utilize the high failing rate in network marketing as evidence that the scam does indeed occur.

lighyear wireless scam

Disgruntled Reps Label Lightyear Wireless A Scam?

Sure, there is a higher failure rate inside multilevel marketing including Lightyear Wireless.  However does that indicate that there’s a Lightyear Wireless scam?  Absolutely not.

Think about this…

If you utilize Jenny Craig or even Weight Watchers but it fails for you or you gain all the pounds back again, are they a scam?  Certainly not.

What nearly all brand-new reps might not be mindful of is what it actually takes to be successful in Lightyear.  There are a few disadvantages that your particular upline may not let you know, but I will.

First know that telecom is often a very saturated industry along with big boy competitors which maybe in a position to offer bargains and special discounts, as well as ideas that Lightyear will not.

In addition, nearly all cell phone businesses have long term contracts, so individuals likely to break their agreement and pay the cancellation charge to sign up with you.  This indicates you will need to possess some excellent organization abilities to keep up with whenever every person’s agreement comes to an end, in order to swoop in and close the deal.

The telecom industry moves at lightening speed.  Things are always changing because people often desire better, faster, yet cheaper.  So it’s a market where the cost point is always being pushed down, meaning you’ll have to create a large team to see a considerable pay check in such a company.

Distributors who were unsuccessful perhaps were not advised or maybe did not fully grasp what it took to earn money with this company, but again that doesn’t prove a Lightyear Wireless scam.

Zero Lightyear Wireless Scam, but…

Look, there’s no Lightyear Wireless scam.  It just doesn’t exist, nonetheless, you must learn that it is a true company and as with virtually any traditional company, you need to focus on building your organization for you to earn a consistent cash flow.  It’s imperative that you discover ways to create your own personal leads, brand yourself as well as market Lightyear in a manner that will attract people to you.

Final point here is this…

Your ability to succeed with Lightyear Wireless comes down to your skill to generate new clients and reps in a huge way.  Regrettably, the majority of distributors won’t have great results with this given that they don’t have the proper knowledge needed to generate 15-30 leads each day or bring in 2-5 reps a month.

Separate yourself from the pack and find out how you can generate unlimited free leads, PLUS generate income regardless of whether they decide to join your Lightyear Wireless team.

It’s your decision, FAIL and go around proclaiming the Lightyear Wireless scam or click the image below and succeed as a Lightyear home based business owner.

lighyear wireless scam

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