Jeunesse Global: The Uncensored Truth On This Company

Jeunesse Global

Have you ever heard of Jeunesse Global?  Chances are if you came across this article than you are either a part of the company, or maybe you’re looking for information on the products or business opportunity.

Whatever the case, this post will cover all of the above, and moreover I’ll also give you insight on what I consider an unfair advantage, in the event that you decide to join the Jeunesse Global opportunity or you’re already apart of it.

Let me be clear, I AM NOT a member of Jeneusse Global or affiliated in anyway, so rest assured that this information is from a 3rd party unbiased viewpoint.

About Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is quite popular right now.  A friend may have told you about the business opportunity or the products and so you’ve come on the internet to do your research.

Whenever an mlm company starts to get notoriety, the same questions pop up? Is Jeunesse a scam?  Is it all hype?  Is the company or mlm legit?

Let’s cover the company, since is the first place you want to look when evaluating an opportunity, if you’re really serious about building a long-term home business.  Why?  It will take your time, money and efforts to build a home business and you want to make sure that whatever company you choose will be around for the long haul.

Jeunesse Global – The Founders

Jeunesse Global is a network marketing company which promotes nutrition and a skin care line using a multi-level marketing structure. This simply means that they sell their products through a distribution network of independent reps.  Those reps may market to their family, friends, business or other entrepreneurs.  This is a common and widely-used model that’s been around for decades and yes it is 100% legit.

Jeunesse Global has a wildly successful history in business.  The founder Wendy Lewis has a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and knew that when she had the chance to purchase the rights to the Jeunesse formula that she should do so.  As a result she and her husband built this business and they have grown it to create more than 15 millionaires, and they have paid out more than $77 million in commissions to their distributors.

Wendy, along with her husband Ray have been in the network marketing industry for more than 16 years as both successful company owners and distributors.  The company also has experienced management team in place, both at the corporate and international level, so it appears like Jeunesse is a stable company that’s also poised for growth.

Another impressive feat about Jeunesse is that, though based in Florida, they have several markets in Asian countries.  Since Asia is currently a huge market for mlm, this is very beneficial and could mean “big bucks” for marketers that want to market a global business.

Sound like a great opportunity?  I think so!

jeunesse globalJeunesse Global Products

jeunesse globalJeunesse Global is offering a revolutionary anti-aging serum that is based on stem cell research.  Those who are looking for a more youthful glow to their skin are in love with the product, and they want those who are passionate about great skincare to buy the product and sell it too!

Just in case you might be wondering, this skincare company was founded on the principles that youthful skin is something that doesn’t just happen on its own but is encouraged with good daily skincare as well as good nutrition.  The word “Jeunesse” means youthful hence how the company got its name.  Although the economy might be affecting many other markets it has not slowed down the mission and vision of neither the company nor its representatives.

Great skincare products and their by-products are still in demand due to the consumer need, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The products fall into three lines including the Luminesce, which features: a cellular rejuvenation serum, daily moisturizing complex, and the advanced night repair.  There is also NutriGen AM and PM essentials which are vitamins, and the Reserve line.  These are designed to deliver around the clock care for your skin and keep it supple, smooth, and keep you looking younger than you ever imagined.

An Opportunity with Jeunesse Global

So you could be thinking, if Jeunesse is so great, why are you not with them?  Well, my personal decision is really beside the point.  The main thing is that Jeunesse Global has all the criteria of a great business opportunity, if you decide to join.

Jeunesse Global promotes long term wealth rather than a get rich quick scheme, which is perhaps one reason that they were able to generate more than 15 millionaires out of the company!  The best part is that you get paid weekly and your income is unlimited.  You earn money two ways: 1) sales volume, and 2) recruiting and training your sales force which will generate some residual sales for you as well.

To get started, you simply purchase your distributor kit and your initial order of product.  You’ll need to maintain a minimum auto-ship order as well.  This is typical of all mlm companies.

Jeunesse Global – A Good Opportunity But…

Jeunesse has all the makings of a good business opportunity; experienced leadership, fair comp plan, and quality products with mass appeal.  That having been said, it still isn’t enough to succeed.  When it all boils down, your success will ultimately depend on your ability to sell products, recruit new reps, and build a solid team.

One critical factor to achieving these things will be your ability to generate qualified leads and prospects.  I recommend that you use a proven online lead generation system that permits you to brand yourself, generate leads and even make money from people that don’t join your Jeunesse Global opportunity. This one aspect is very important when it comes to keeping your home business afloat through the early phase.

To have great success in your Jeunesse Global business, you’ll need a powerful online system, marketing skills and attraction marketing techniques. Then the sky is the limit to how successful you can be.

jeunesse global


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