Forever Living Scam: Read This Before You Join

forever living scam

Have you heard recently about the Forever Living scam?  I have, and that is why I wanted to bring this information to you before you went any further.  I have done the research on Forever Living, and I am here to tell you that this is anything BUT a scam.

My purpose in bringing you this information regarding the Forever Living scam is not to rattle you, but to share with you the information that I discovered to be true, along with what isn’t true.  Now let me first say that I’m not affiliated with Forever Living in any way, so rest assured that this is purely unbiased.

Forever Living Scam: About the Company

The best way to dispel any ill feelings toward a business is to do some research on the company so that you have a greater understanding of its history and what it stands for.  Most network marketers jump into a business based off of hype and emotion, but not sound research.

Forever Living is a company that is 30 years old, so how is that for a long term company?  The best part is that Forever Living is global, maintaining its business in more than 140 countries, offering wellness products that are based on the aloe vera plant.  With more than 9 million distributors on board, it is easy to say that there is no Forever Living scam!

A great deal of mlm companies fold within two years of less.  Plus, let us not forget the very stringent criteria that mlm companies must pass with the FTC and other federal governing boards.  To open up and do business in any city, a company must first get pass the Attorney General’s office of that particular state.  Now, Forever Living is not only national, but global, as well.  How’s that for a scam?

Forever Living Scam: The Aloe Vera Based Product

Forever Living built their business based on the Aloe Vera plant, and because of the plant’s healing properties it is no surprise that the business is doing well.  Who doesn’t want something that is beneficial?  Aloe Vera is great for putting on cuts, scrapes, and other minor wounds, and with all of the aloe based products that are on the rise, it stands to reason that the demand for the product will continue to grow as well.

It’s important that you understand that the product line extends beyond skincare or an ointment, but Forever Living also carries cosmetics, bee products, weight management products, personal care and more.

Forever Living Scam: The Business Opportunity

While Forever Living is growing, they are still continuing to add more consultants each day to the company.  The founder Rex Maughan unveiled his plan to not only help people get in better health, but to become financially free as well.  With dozens of wellness and beauty products to choose from, there is no shortage of opportunity for you to grow a business with Forever Living.

The company does offer you two chances to experience the Forever Living products.  You may purchase a discount card rather than joining, or you can sign up to become an independent distributor.  You can build your business through not only retail sales, but you can also earn by recruiting others to sign you as well.

So, what do you believe to be true now of this Forever Living Scam?  There is no doubt that you have a lot of questions, and you should! You now know that you can shop for high quality products, recruit others into a high quality company, and you won’t ever have to worry about being demoted!forever living scam

Forever Living Scam – The High Failure Rate

Regrettably, most people that join Forever Living will fail.  That’s just the truth, but it’s not due to some kind of Forever Living scam. It is due to a lack of proper mlm training and lead generation skills.  You see most mlm companies will simply tell you to host parties and ask families and friends to join your company.

That will never be enough to earn significant income.  Most run out of their warm market in about 6-8 weeks and end up becoming a casualty of the industry.  They fail because they don’t realize that their business is not Forever Living, but MARKETING! That’s right; you’re in the business of marketing.  So it will behoove you to learn marketing skills.

Interested In Generating Leads For Forever Living

Let’s be real here, without a steady flow of leads coming to you daily, your chances of succeeding in Forever Living are slim to none. However, once you learn attraction marketing strategies, you can have leads coming in daily along with INCOMING calls of people wanting to join your business and asking for your help.

My recommendation is that you use a proven attraction marketing system that will teach you how to become a leader, attract leads and prospects to you, and how to get paid from people who don’t even join you in Forever Living.  Learn how to build your business and downline the right way.

The next time someone asks you about the Forever Living scam, you can say that you know otherwise.forever living scam

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  1. Galen Morgigno
    3 years ago

    Great breakdown on Forever Living here for someone looking to join! But as you said the name of the game is generating leads. Keep bringing the value to your readers and followers, Fontella!!!
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