Cieaura Review: Is Cieaura A Scam OR Real Opportunity?

cieaura reviewsIf you’re reading this Cieaura review, you’re more than likely considering a home based business opportunity with the company.  You’ve made a wise decision to perform your due diligence first.  The type of company you select will play a major role in your ability to be successful or not.

This review will provide in-depth insight as to whether this is a legitimate company or just another scam!  Network marketing companies come and go everyday.  So, what you ought to be asking yourself is do they have what it takes to be here for the long haul in this ever revolving industry where most companies flop in the first three years?

The Cieaura Products

One of the keys to a good mlm company is the uniqueness of the product.  Cieaura certainly passes the test here.   They promote holographic chips each claiming to cater to individual body needs.

The first chip is designed to help rid the body of pain and discomfort, the second chip claims to help you achieve a sound and restful sleep, while the third chip is said to increase energy levels.  There is considerable debate as to whether or not these statements are accurate.

Research reveals a mix of skepticism and excitement.  Some believe Cieaura to be a “scam” simply because the claims seem to good to be true.  Several reviews are obviously written by company representatives and disguised as independent reviews.

On the other side, there is also no shortage of testimonials praising the products.  They are backed by some well-known celebrities and athletes.  So the jury is still out.  However, if you want to be a distributor, order the product and try it for yourself first.   That’s the only way to determine it’s veracity.

Now, let’s talk about the Cieaura Compensation Plan.

The comp plan has seven ways to pay the distributor.  Those methods however, can be categorized two ways: immediate and up-front income and residual long-term income.  Reps can get upfront income from retail commissions by simply buying the products at wholesale price and selling them retail.  Reps are also given an online store.

A rep will also receive commissions from enrolling people into the business at either one of four levels, the Home Pack, Business Pack, Diamond Pack and Diamond Premium Pack.  These levels range from $133 – $1417.  Your commissions will in kind range from $10 -$100 respectively.

You can join Cieaura for as little as $39.  But be aware that only entitles you to an online business center and the pay levels we just discussed.  You must ascend in rank in order to receive the full benefits of the comp plan with the other 5 pay structures including team commissions and matching bonuses.

The way to ascend in rank is simply to sponsor more reps.

How Can You Make Cieaura Work For You?

CieAura business presentations are geared toward home meetings to display the product for friends and family, not necessarily entrepreneurs, which has proven to be an ineffective model.   Badgering your warm market will never yield long-term success in network marketing.  Most won’t join because they don’t understand the concept of mlm, yet alone holographic chips and eventually you will run out of people to talk to.

Merely signing up will not ensure your success.  The only thing the company provides is a replicated website and a chance for you to build your own business.   Success in Cieaura or any company for that matter,  will depend on your ability to brand yourself, effectively market your business and generate more leads than you can possibly talk to.

Cieaura is NOT a scam.   In fact, it appears to be a credible company and if you’re serious about success, it’s imperative that you obtain the knowledge and marketing skills that will allow you to personally recruit 10-20 reps a month.  Without this marketing knowledge, even though CieAura is a solid business, you will fail.

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