Article Marketing Tips: Is Article Spinning A Waste Of Time?

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I hope you’re getting a ton of value from this article marketing strategy series.   Let’s talk about article spinning — something which tends to have a bit of confusion surrounding it.

When you’re using an article marketing for seo strategy (the only article marketing strategy that works), the goal is to get lots of backlinks pointing back to your original content on your blog or main website.

In order to so, you’ll need to use an article submission software or service to send your article to various places such as article directories, niche blogs, bookmarking sites, etc.  This requires that you to have different versions of that particular article.

Article spinning is a tactic that allows you to do that.  You simply rewrite your content partially or entirely, replacing words, sentences or entire paragraphs, thus creating hundreds of different versions to be distributed.

You can use a manual article spinner (but why would you) or an article spinning tool.

**Note:   Stay away from free article spinning tools.  The saying you get what you pay for definitely applies here. They will only produce junk.

Is Article Spinning Black Hat?

Some including myself say that article spinning yields fantastic results.  On the other hand, others say it’s a waste of time and consider it to be even “black hat”.  They are completely wrong and uninformed.  Even Google backs me up on this.  Article spinning is not only legit, it gives great results when done properly.

That being said, there is a wrong way to do it.

Wrong way to use article spinning:

  • Taking other people’s content off the internet and spinning it.  That’s still plagiarism and it just isn’t cool.  Would you want someone to do it to you?  It’s quite ok to get ideas from other people’s content, but to steal it and spin it is just whack.
  • Spinning your content and putting those variations on the same blog or website.  Google considers this duplicate content and your site can be penalized if they catch it.

So what’s the right way to use article spinning?

  • Simple, only spin your own content and shoot for a high uniqueness.  I spin my article to at least 50% unique.  Also, always read your content to ensure it is legible.

Article Spinning Software

As I said you can rewrite your articles yourself, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why you would, unless you love torture.  It’s far too time-consuming.  I believe in leveraging my time.  That’s why I use tools.

The best article spinning tools I’ve found and use daily is “The Best Spinner“.  With its vast thesaurus and simple to use interface, I can literally have an article spun in all of 2 seconds.  At the push of a button, it will automatically find and replace words with synonyms.  The only thing you’ll have to do is read through it to make sure it makes sense contextually.

Although it’s an automated tool, no tool can replace the human brain.  There are times when it may replace a word with a synonym that just doesn’t fit.

You can manually go in and select more synonyms or alter your article in any way.  It also checks for duplicate content on the internet as well.  If you’re doing article marketing, you need this tool, PERIOD!

Bottom line, article spinning is mandatory if you want top SEO results (i.e., backlinks that actually count with Google).

Article marketing and SEO is an ever-changing thing.

Don’t waste precious time and money trying to figure out what Google wants.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph
    3 years ago

    High uniqueness is key Fontella. More uniqueness = more value. Articles spun the right way do not look like spun articles.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Ryan Biddulph, You’re right. I think people thin you don’t have to proofread your spun content and that’s where they go wrong. Thanks Ryan.