Article Marketing Tips: How To Easily Entice Google Into 1st Page Rankings

article marketing tips

Looking for article marketing tips?  Then look no further than your screen now.  These are the same tips I’ve used to literally explode my business.

With an article marketing strategy, the primary goal is to get your content to rank high in Google so you can pull more traffic to your sites and convert that traffic into leads and sales.

I could write a book on this subject (and I am), but for now I’m gonna give you some powerful tips on how to easily land on the coveted 1st page of Google.

First, you need to know what Google loves.

And that’s fresh SEO friendly articles.

Article Marketing Tips:  Google vs. The Reader

Now, before we get to enticing Google, we first need to talk about enticing your readers.

There is a fine balance between writing for SEO (Google) and writing for readers.  It’s a mistake to favor one over the other.  So always start with a good article.  What makes a good article?

One that gets read.

Really.  One that attracts readers because it gives value and/or solves a problem.  One of the best article marketing tips I can give you is to know your reader.

  • Who are they?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What are they frustrated with/by?
  • What problems do they need to solve?

If you’re a network marketer or internet marketer, that’s easy.  Just knowing this information will give you insight into the minds of your readers and a ton of ideas for content.  As long as you can educate, entertain, offer tips and solutions, you’ll hit a home run with your readers.

Now, let’s get into some powerful article marketing tips for the Big “G” Google:

Like I said, Google’s kryptonite is SEO.  They get all weak in the knees for it.

So focus on these 3 elements when writing SEO friendly articles:

  • Your Keyword(s)
  • Your Headline
  • Your Article Body

Picking The Right Keyword

I discuss this at length in my article marketing strategy post.  Basically you want a keyword that’s actually searched for and has low competition.

Far too many times I see people bragging that they hit the 1st page of Google, but no one is searching for the term they’re ranking for.  What a total waste of time.

Your best chances for picking a golden keyword is to shoot for a long-tail keyword which is a phrase that has more than 3 words.

SEO Rich Article Headline

Want to rank for a certain keyword?  You MUST have that EXACT keyword in the headline (title).  If I’m trying to rank for “article marketing strategy”, I must use that and not “article marketing strategies”. Those are 2 different keywords.

There is some debate about exactly where the keyword should be placed in the headline.  Some believe that at the beginning is better in the eyes of Google.  I don’t know about that.  I say it depends on the readability of it.  If it doesn’t read well, don’t do it.

Remember we can’t forget about the reader.   The headline is crucial because it’s what attracts readers in the first place.

Read this post to learn how to craft attention grabbing headlines every time.

SEO Rich Article Body

Include your main keyword in the first sentence or first 50 words of your article.  Then be sure to sprinkle it throughout your article.

DO NOT stuff your article with keywords trying to appease Google.  Remember, I said it’s a fine line.   Not only will it turn off your reader, but it turns Google off as well.  They can recognize keyword stuffing.

Just write naturally.

Use a tool like SEOPressor to make sure you’re hitting all the right points to make your article SEO friendly.

In addition, include your keyword in the last sentence of your article and use closely related keywords in your article as well.  To find related keywords, go to Google, type in your keyword, look to the left under All Results, and hit related searches.

Now it isn’t absolutely necessary.   I rank article all the time without doing this, but it will give you a boost.  It’s up to you.

Article Marketing Tips For Article Submission Directories

The Resource Box

Now, if you’re using article marketing for SEO strategy via article submission (and you should be), of course a key part to landing on Google’s 1st Page is the resource box.

The resource box should ALWAYS contain your EXACT keyword which hyperlinks back to the original content on your site.  Follow these article marketing tips and drastically increase your chances on getting Google luv.

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  1. Sonny Lanorias
    3 years ago

    Hello Fontella,

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing these golden nuggets. I also use seopressor and its really a very powerful on-page optimization tool. Great work and thanks again.

    Sonny Lanorias´s last [type] ..Do You Want To Know The Secrets To Success In Network Marketing?

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Sonny Lanorias, Thank you Sonny.

  2. Ryan Biddulph
    3 years ago

    So many key points here Fontella! Find the perfect mix between doing SEO and writing for people. Too much SEO, and not enough people writing, articles sound awkward and lose flow. Not enough SEO, and you aren’t targeting, or setting up passive traffic. Find the mix with your power tips and you’re good to go.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph´s last [type] ..How to Become Sticky to Money

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Ryan Biddulph, Thanks Ryan. That’s exactly it. You must find that perfect balance.

  3. Tyronne Ratcliff
    3 years ago

    Gotta love SEOPressor, definitely takes out all the guesswork! Nice post by the way.

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    Thanks Tyronne

  4. Sherman Smith
    3 years ago

    Hey Fontella,

    These are some excellent points and I have to back you on this. I’ve started using these exact points about 3 weeks ago and I had gain a lot of positive results. So for anyone that wants to do Article Marketing, Do not sleep on these tips!!!!

    Sherman Smith´s last [type] ..LinkedIn Marketing: How to Use LinkedIn to Grow your Business?

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @Sherman Smith, Thanks Sherman and keep it going with article marketing!